Updated from 6.1 to latest snapshot 6.2 - no reports tab

I have just updated from 6.1 to 6.2.6 4159, I have done this on other machines and the reports tab appeared by default. I have just updated another machine and the reports tab is missing. It is definitely the latest snapshot. is there a hidden check box somewhere to enable the reports tab on the database window? Also, is there a way to hide the advertising tab (I don’t use it)


no idea why this has happened.
I assume, all the licenses you have upgraded are professional ones?

Please contact support@mairlist.com and tell us the corresponding license number.
Is it urgent or can you wait until after the Christmas holidays?

All sorted - I wanted to try out the silence detector module (the Pira silence detector has been problematic on this particular machine), and noticed it wasn’t available. When I went to the modules section I noted that it was disabled along with the database reports. I re-downloaded the licence and restarted mAirList and both were available. Not sure why these modules were disabled when I activated the licence with the latest version install, but doing it again fixed the problem.