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Hi All,

Is there a way to schedule update advertising.
We generate playlist a week ahead, but we are receiving the advertising import file one day before scheduling. I’m now updating the playlist when the playlist is appending.
Our station manager would like to change times in the generated playlists from a remote place.

Thanks in advance

Hi Ron,

you can update the advertising in several places:

  • In the menu next to the Generate button of the mAirListDB playlist view - will update the currently loaded playlist.

Screenshot 2023-01-25 165811

  • In the right-click menu of the Go to dialog - can update multiple hours at once.

  • In the options for the (append/load/play) database playlist actions in the Event Scheduler, so you can perform it automatically during the hourly playlist load event.

  • In the right-click menu of the playlist in the playout window - to allow last minute changes.

Requirements to get this work:

You must enable the Always create container option in the ad block settings to make Update Advertising work.

Without that option, and the containers, mAirList will not be able to identify the start end end of the ad blocks within the hourly playlist.

Please report back if this is what you were looking for… :slight_smile:

Hi Stefan,

All the options you mentioned are correct and working.
The thing is we have a dedicated (play-out) computer on location “A” running mAirlist Professional
We have several other licenses who connect to the database on location “B” “C” and so on.
The advertising schedule file we receive 2 times a day, so it wil not readable on location “B”.

When I run update advertising (entire day) mentions in the above picture it will be readable in location “B” “C” and so on …

So, my question is:

Is there a possibility to run the above command automatically (Scheduled in the event on mAirlist playout or windows scheduler )

Thanks in advance

If I get you right you need an Event at the playout pc that

  • automatically import the external file with the ads log at given times
  • process the “Update Advertising” function for the next given hours

so every playlist is up to date wherever you take a look at it?


Exactly, then every remote “voice tracker” can read the exact time of the commercials


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