Truncated attributes on import

I just noticed a bug with importing attributes.
I recover audio files that have many attributes that I find relevant.
But when importing into mairlist, some attributes are truncated because they have the character “/”
See screenshot.


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There are actually no “/” characters in the value in the ID3 tag. Instead, the “Composer” field (as as well as many other text fields) can store lists of values instead of just a single string.

mAirList should actually import all items in the list, merging them into a single string with “/” as the delimiter. Don’t know why it doesn’t work here.

If you want, upload a copy of the file here and we’ll have a look: Nextcloud

For sure, i’ve uploaded the file in example

Thanks. I checked your file. Apparently it doesn’t comply with the ID3v2 specification wrt. the delimiter used for the TCOM frame:

But when you look at the file in the hex editor, you see that it actually uses a null byte (double 00 because of WideStrings) to delimit the entries:

Bildschirmfoto von Google Chrome (11-11-22, 12-25-03)

The (3rd party) library we use for the import cannot handle this situation, because it looks for the / sign, and regards the 00 00 after the first name as the end of the entire value.

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Thanks Torben.
I’m going to see if I can set the right specification in my audio file extraction software