triggers in cartwall

Trying to get to grips with this.

If I set cart 1 as trigeer for cart 2 I would expect the end of the file playing in cart 1 to trigger cart 2 (as a chain).

However they both start together, how can I chain cart slots?

Cues all set in audio I’m using.

Triggers are evaluated when a slot is started. When you give slot 1 a “START 2” trigger, both will be started at the same time when you start slot 1.

The main purpose of the trigger function is to play out bed/stinger combinations. Give the stinger a FADE trigger for the bed slot, and the bed will be faded automatically.

What you are looking for are “end triggers”. These are not available by now. In general, I would suggest a playlist in automation mode when you want to play multiple files in a row :wink:


I agree with Torben - A Cartwall is just a palette of buttons for quick-playing, with the option to fade a button when another is triggered (bed+tag). Items running end-to-end via a seq point should be confined to the playlist :wink:

I think though, my earlier suggestion of allowing Cartwall items to be dragged into the playlist would be a welcome addition (currently, you can only drop items to a cartwall button). That, Tony, would allow you to sequence Cartwall files easily…

Sorry Torben, I had not thought of that use for a trigger.