Trial Licenses during Beta Period


as we’re still in beta with mAirList 7, we have extended all trial licenses for an additional month. If yours has expired, please go to License Manager and activate the trial once again.

Purchasing the upgrade through the customer area on the website is also possible now. Some have already done so - thank you for that!


can i use this for every mairlist software everyday year? this is is really cool.


for * mAirList 7

also for all your software

No. I think only for mAirList 7:

(See mAirList 6)

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so i can use mairlist 7 everyday by extend the trial once or twice

upgrading to 7.x pro for home users (still doing my radio for the hobby)

what is the amount to pay for us? i saw in my customer page €500 i guess that is for the commercial boys and gals?

If you currently “had” mAirList 7 active as a trial license, you can extend the trial license by selecting it again in the License Manager (For 30 days longer):


Please contact, we will hve a look on that. Found another interesting thing we have to discuss.