Translating in French


I was wondering if you would be interested by a french translation of your mairlist website, and more globally, by french customers ?
I love your mairlist piece of software (as you had been able to see by my questions into your forum) and I would like to thank you and all the members community for the good job, the advices, the shares… And I was thinking that I could translate for you your mairlist website in French. Okay, my english is quite “simple” and not grammatically correct. But I understand English very well and, except for some technicals terms and features, I think I’m able to translate the front office of your website.

It’s just a question, not obligation… :smiley:

I don’t think (?) there is a French translation of the mAirList program.

The details and files you need to do that are all in the Wiki, and having a full French version of mAirList would be an even better way to promote mAirList to Francophones!

Just a suggestion … :smiley:


Mmmm, I’m not sure it’s a better way.
It’s a good idea, but radio french users are well with english. For instance, Master Control and Selector doesn’t exist in French Version, but their website is !. All the RCS customers used to perform operations in english.

I suggest the website for attracting customers…
But as you said, it’s just a suggestion.

However, translating mairlist is a good idea, but I’m afraid not to be the best users because I don’t know all the features mairlist provide us with, and so, I could not be able to understand (and correctly translate) all the technical terms.
But I could try :smiley:

Good on you for making the effort - Wish I could help but I only speak Spanish and poor English (i learnt it from a book).

I will try…

You learned English from a book? Quite unusual for someone from England :slight_smile:

Regarding the original question, this is a very generous offer. Although I anticipate difficulties with future updates. Even now, with an English and a German version - it’s sometimes hard to keep the homepage content up to date. Perhaps it would be sufficient to have a French “stub” site - a single page which explains what mAirList is about, and then links to the English site?

Translating the software is very easy with the tools provided. It takes about one hour if you are somewhat familiar with mAirList. As already mentioned, the translation process is well documented in the Wiki, but of course I can provide further assistance if needed.


Sorry, Torben - It was a Fawlty Towers joke…

Shame on me :wink:

[quote=“Theoorl45, post:3, topic:5352”]I don’t know all the features mairlist provide us with, and so, I could not be able to understand (and correctly translate) all the technical terms.
But I could try :D[/quote]
Well done!

As Torben says, the process is very easy. The translation tool shows you a long list of items in English (most are one or two words) which you simply type in the French word for. For example, if the list entry is New, you would type Nouveau in the column beside New. If the English was file, you would type fichier beside it. And so on.

Note that you should keep the same UPPER or lower case as the original, as in my examples above. This is because the individual words often get ‘put together’ within mAirList to create the menu item names, messages in dialog boxes, and all the other text you see in mAirList. So a single word within a message with a Capital letter would look odd (see what I mean?).

When you have completed the list of French equivalents, you run a compiler and submit the results to Torben for checking. If it has all worked correctly, Torben posts the resulting French ‘language pack’ on the mAirList download page, and other Francophones can download this file to add Francais to the list of languages within their copy of mAirList. This has already been done for Nederlands and Polska.

I hope you do choose to do this project: you can also make it a ‘game’ by inviting your friends to help with any words you can’t translate. Or just ask us here! :smiley:

Good luck!


That’s okay. I choose this project ( I keep in mind a webpage in french for promoting mairlist and routing to the english website).
I will ask you your help as soon as necessary.

Thank you.

Oh Hey nice to see French people there :slight_smile:

Theoorl45, I was wondering if you have already done this french translation for the software because I am currently doing it (almost finished).

In case you have already done it, I don’t think it would be useful to send my translation.


I began the translation 3 weeks ago. I filled a little more than 60% of the word translations.
So, if you have finished, you could give it to Torben. I put mine in stand by, in case of your translation is not totally correct. If you need help, tell me :slight_smile:



I am also French.

I would like to know if the translation in French was ended.

If it is not the case, I am available and interested to realize this translation English - > French.