Transfer to new Synology NAS

So here’s my upcoming challenge: using mAirList Professional Studio version 6.3.12 and a local mAirList database;

mAirList and the local database are running on a Windows 10 PC. All my data for mAirList is stored on a Synology NAS. Since the Synology NAS is a respectable age, I bought a new Synology NAS. My intention is to use (only) the new NAS. I copied all the data from the current NAS to the new NAS so now both NAS are fully identical: same folder structure, same files.

The current NAS has a mapped network drive (M:) to acces the data. The new NAS has not a mapped network drive yet. Now I want to connect the mAirList local database to the new NAS where I have to change as little as possible in mAirList.

What is the most logical next step?

Anyone? Or @Torben maybe?

For example: I will make a mapped network drive to my new NAS and name this driveletter “Z:”. I add this mapped network drive to my storages in the database configuration. Do I have to change path “M:” to “Z:”? Or is a better solution available?

Please use “Storage Redirection” in the configuration.

Thanks! That did the trick.

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