Transfer to new PC

So, here’s my big challenge;

My current PC is lacking CPU Power. So I need to transfer my mAirlist 4.2 build 1659 setup to another PC configuration. As everybody will understand, I do not have a strong wish to configure my current settings (e.g. Cue Points, Categories) all again.

What is the best way to do this? I copied all the files to the new PC. Unfortunately, I cannot use the same drive letter. I assume I first have to install mAirlist 4.2 demo again. Is it possible to make a back-up of the current settings and import them in the new setup?

Current file location = d:\data\artist-title.mp3
New file location = k:\mAirlistdata\artist-title.mp3

Can someone help me describe the best next step (and steps afterwards :D) please?

  1. Install mAirList demo on the new computer.

  2. Open mAirListConfig on the old computer, go to Advanced -> Data Folders, and open the root data folder in Windows Explorer.

  3. Repeat step 2 on the new computer.

  4. Copy all files and folders, except license.lic, from the old to the new data folder.

  5. Uninstall mAirList from the old computer.

  6. Use the contact form on the website to request a reset of your license (enter your serial number to speed up the process).

  7. When you receive the message that your license was reset, open the License Manager on the new computer, and download/activate your license.

If you don’t want to wait for step #7, you can optionally go to the Customer Area on the website and turn on emergency activation for your license. This will allow you to use it for 7 days while your request is processed (usually much faster though).

Regarding the file names:

I assume you are using a mAirListDB, and d:\data was previously registered as a storage.

If so, you just have to go to Administration -> Configuration in the database app (on the new computer), then on the Storages tab, double-click the D:\data storage, and change the default location to k:\mAirListData.

This will work because mAirListDB only stores relative filenames, plus the ID of the storage. So if the filename is d:\data\artist-title.mp3, only “artist-title.mp3” is stored in the database record, and when you retrieve the item from the database later, mAirListDB will prepend the storage folder again. So you can easily change the base path of all files by chaging the storage location in the config, given that the folder structure within that storage folder is still the same.

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Thanks, Torben, for your quick and very clear response.

One question left: in the mAirlist Configuration, after copying the Root Data Folder, do I have to copy the Config Folder to the new computer as well?

Question Torben: I assume you are using a mAirListDB, and d:\data was previously registered as a storage.

Answer Adriaan: correct. I am using local mAirlistDB.

The config folder is one of the subfolders of the root data folder, so you have to copy it too. Everything but the license file.

Thanks Torben for your help! All OK and works like a charme!


Hello, is this still the correct way to transfert the complete database from 1 pc to another?


Generally, yes.

You can now reset the license yourself, through the customer area on the website (go to My Licenses, License Details, then see the instructions in the “Activation” section).