Track info not show on station stream when streaming in


I did not find a post regarding this so I created a new topic. If I missed a previous topic, sorry.

I have one (Station) mAirlist and one (DJ) mAirlist streaming in. On the station mAirlist I see the trackinfo that the DJ mAirlist is streaming, displayed as title. The track info is not forwarded to the stations stream track info. How can I show the track info (correct) on the station mAirlist’s stream?

I have tried both the encoder and logging on the client machine but I am not able to make it work.

Once again thanks for your help.

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Update: Tried icecast software instead of shoutcast for the dj mairlist but that does not make any difference.

The station shoutcast settings:



Strange that I can set it on the encoder but that does not working until on the tab options of the general encoder setting is set to on.