Track edit not saving

I have a playlist in the playout window. Any edits i make and save-export to file tag or database in this window are not saved. Im sure any edits i did in v5 did save.

Strange, my edits are all saved in v6.

I have just created a new playlist in the database window, imported it into the playout window and changed some details via double clicking the track and the edit window opening as normal. If i re open the database playlist any changes have not been made. Changes made in the database playlist are however save and appear the next time the playlist is imported into the playout. Strange!!!

How do you reload the database playlist? From the database playlist browser? It caches the playlist that is currently displayed, so you must switch back and forth the hour to force a reload.

If i change any attributes on a track while in the playout window, the change isnt being read from the tag as i thought it had done previously. I have to export it to tag & database. Perhaps automatic export/save or dynamic updating of lists?? Im sure things were different in V4 & 5, but im getting old!!LOL

The tag will never be re-read if metadata is already available from another source (database, MMD file, embedded into the .mlp playlist that you saved). That’s unless you click “Re-read from file tag”, of course.

Ah thanks. :slight_smile: