TPI import from external software Admaster

Recently I bought myself a admaster license. After trying some things I noticed that admaster only makes a .tpi file for each hour. I been in contact with the developers of that piece of software and they asked me to ask the opinions of the mairlist users. That is why i have this question

In Mairlist you can use the spilt hour and also split block markers…
At this moment Admaster creates a .tpi file for every single hour. But i guess it would be possible (and more organized) to be able to create a .tpi file for a complete day.
It seems Mairlist allows this function since you are able to use a split hour marker.

So the question is: is it possible to read one .tpi file per day wich cotains all commercial blocks for the day and will mairlist schedule this in a right way?

what are your toughts about it?
Admaster will look about adding this option if this function is possible within mairlist.

From a technical point of view, it would be favorable to even have one file per block, because no splitting must take place.

But I understand that a single file per day is more convenient when it comes to organizing your hard drive content :wink:

Daily TPI files are perfectly OK as long as the hour information (as part of the start time column) and block markers (B lines) are present.

Thx for your responce Torben.

I do understand that reading a file per block is the safest option.
Altough i thank you for the information about the data, I was in contact with the developer of Admaster and this function is a possible new feature in a newer version.