Toolbar options

Just a quicky, could somebody clarify in which .ini file i should have the details about the toolbar (e.g. ShowNew=on etc)

Im just trying to try out a script but can’t because no matter where i seem to put this info it doesn’t make any changes! i have all the options set as on and it doesnt give me any more on screen options!

Any ideas?

Many Thanks

Hi Lackster, toolbar section in skin.ini

Kind regards tony

Strange, i have put this in the right place with everything switched to ON, but still it hasn’t changed anything!

Even stranger now because i have downloaded the very latest snapshot (properly this time) and it has worked for adding the events option but i cant get the actions one for scripts.

any ideas?

Hi Lackster, I don’t recall an option to have scripts enabled on the toolbar, scripts come under events.

Unless anyone knows different?

Kind Regards tony

Oh, how odd.

I seemed to recall that under the actions tab, they were listed there so you simply click the relevant name and away it goes doing whatever it was set to do.

I will have a look with events then and see.

maybe that is how it used to be and as i dont use scripts very often havent read about a change?!

Thanks tony


The Actions button should show up as soon as you set up at least one “action menu” action in the config. If it doesn’t, it’s a bug.