Time frame

Hi there,
In Soft Time, we can put a « time frame ».
How works this exactly ?
Note that I have understood the Normal, Soft and Fixed functions.

Read this option as “not later than [xy] seconds from estimated start time of soft fixed time”.

When you set a soft fixed time at hh:30:00 and start an extended version of a title at hh:29:00 with a duration of 6 minutes, the soft fixed time will start at hh:35:00.

With a time frame of 120 seconds (“start at hh:32:00 at the latest”), the long title will end earlier.
This option might be helpful for e.g. news that should not start exactly at this time, but in a this time frame around the planned time.

Thanks for your very clear answer.
If you set 120 seconds of time frame, is it working also before the soft fixed time ? Or just 120 seconds after ?
When I say “before” I mean if the track finish at 00:59:00 (and soft time fixed at 01:00:00 with 120 seconds time frame), MairList will play the soft time fixed track in this case ?