Tightening up fade times in Automation


I’m looking to tighten up the fade times and whole sound of our Automation. Now it sounds nice and the fades are OK but in Automation the whole sound is a bit laid back … I could really do with tightening up the sound and want more punchy fades out to the next track … I’ve tried setting the global fade time to 1000 but no luck ?

Our database consists of over 5000 tracks so don’t fancy manually editing fade times

The “fade time/duration” in the config is not relevant here - that’s only used when the song is faded prematurely (e.g. through a manual Fade command, or due to a fixed time).

Normally, during automation, all fades are controlled by the Fade Out (and Fade End, Start Next, Cue Out) markers. Fade Out is set by Auto Cue during the initial import into the database, according to the threshold set in the config app. Marker will be set to the last sample reaching that dB value.

Consider the Auto Cue result a “recommendation”. If you’re not satisfied, you can edit the song manually.

If you feel like you should have used a different threshold value in the first place, you can set it in the config, and then use the Mass Edit dialog to re-run Auto Cue.