Thread: mAirList v6.3-beta (public)

Dear mAirList community,

version 6.3-beta (Build 4300) has been released today.

You are welcome to become a beta tester of the new version.

Since version 6.3 installs itself in a new directory, the productive v6.2.7 remains and can be used for your broadcasts while you test the new version independently.

If you find bugs or one of the new features (see changelog) should not work as expected: please write it here in this collective thread.
Questions about the new realease are also welcome.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.
Have fun testing the new version!

Little bug here.

When exporting muliple playlists from mAirlistDB / Playlist Editor.

It will always export the ‘Default / Master’ station - ignoring you are wanting to export the stations playlist you are currently viewing.

Steps to recreate:
Export > Multiple Playlists > Custom txt format > (results in using station 0 playlist as the exported files)

Should be fixed in upcoming build 4308. Please give it a try. Thanks for reporting.

Torben has just released mAirList v6.3-beta build 4309, bringing a new feature he wanted to include in the new mAirList version:

[+] DB: Scheduler settings: Added "Maximum overall penalty" setting; items
    exceeding this value will not be considered at all and may result in
    "Did not find an item that matches all filters" warning, and the template
    position being skipped.

Let me explain it.

To date, a title has always been selected in the rotation, even if it had a high number of overall penalty points. The element with the lowest overall penalty points has been picked.
From now on, you can set a limit to this: If a certain value is exceeded, an error message will be shown and this entry (e.g. limited by filters) is skipped.

This may help you finding any problems in your templates, tight rotations etc. and can help you creating your playlist even better.
On the long run, this helps you to make your playlist even more varied, instead of simply letting tracks with high overall penalty points play at a high repetition rate.

If you don’t need this feature, just leave it at “0” (standard).

Would you like to test it?

Wouldn’t it be an idea to add an Database field with the Penalty score per song?