Tempo analyse and adjustment for music tracks


It would be great if we could know the bpm of a music track and have the ability to adjust tempo.
Also, in mix editor if we could lock music tracks to a desired tempo.

I play dance music so these features would greatly increase the usability of mairlist for me.
Keep up the good work!

Hi @adman,

please keep in mind that mAirList is primarily intended to be an automatation- and playout software for radio broadcasting applications. In general, the requested features do not apply to these purposes at all. Maybe you might look for a software specialised in DJing tasks.

Specific regards


In addition to TSD:
You can use other programs to let the bpm calculate and write it in the ID-Tag. mAirList can read this attribute and you can filter your tracks on that.

mAirList gives you the possibilty to change the pitch of each track (however, not live like during a dj performance) and prepare your transitions in the mix editor. It’s no master tempo!

For more dj-like performance I recommend using dj soft- and hardware and to feed the master mix signal from this playout to mAirList.

At the moment I many work in assist mode. Features I use frequently: hour/music templates, playlist scheduling, hook containers, remote control.

But the ability to at least know the tempo of music track in mairlist would be very useful.
Thanks again for your reply.

Knowing / let show bpm in the database and playlist is no problem and is possible. It all depends on your ID-Tags. You will need another software to calculate it.

Manipulating the tempo in the live show is difficult, same is with beatmatching etc.
That’s not what mAirList is for.

I hope you will find the best way for your shows. Good luck!

Thanks again, you have been very helpful - giving me ideas :grinning: