Template assignment range error

Hello, when I try to add new “templates” to the “template Assignment table” I get an “Range Error” on the template for the 23h. Removed all the templates, emptied the Assignment table, created a new one. Nothing works. I’m kinda stuck. Any suggestions how to fix this? Kris

If it’s in an error dialog with a “Details” button, please click it and send a bug report from there.

Torben I’ve send you the report. It comes from a new setup where we want to run a new database (new studio with a new database). Thank you for looking into this issue. Kris

Hi Kris,

in the new studio, are all your clients (and the database, too) running on version 5.x?
Do they all use the same database scheme (23 or below, not downward compatible)?

For a far that I’m aware all is from the same version. We only use 1 onair setup who runs on 5.3. I’ve exported the templates. Removed the ones in the software and imported them again. I’ve tried with a export from my personal config and got the same issue. Whatever we run in the 23h slot gives an error. Any way of cleaning that part of the configuration (even if we have to re import the hour templates)?

No, it was just an idea. Let’s wait what the bug report tells us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, I’ve replaced the new database with the one that is currently on the onair playout. The issue is also there. When opening template monday 23h in the assignment table I get an error message on the new playout nut not on the old one.

Hello Torben and Uli, any idea what is happening? Kind regards, Kris

I think Torben will read the bug report and answer you, but he’s enjoying his weekend.

We’ve been trying some things and the only thing we can find (as a commun error factor). The current Onair pc runs on win 8. The new pc runs on win 10.

Would you please be so kind to send the bug report again?

Hello did you recieve it? I’ve got this message " Warning: gethostbyaddr(): Address is not a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address in /var/www/html/submit.php on line 35
Report received, thank you."

Which exact version/build are you on?

The latest v5.3.17 has the correct new server addresses for submitting bug reports.

Still on the same version like the day we bought the software 5.3 beta build 3123

I’ve saved the txt version. I can email you that file.

This is old. And beta. And there is a good chance that the error has long been fixed.

Please install the latest v5.3.17 first and see if it still happens.

Hello Torben, the update has indeed fixed the issue.

Thank you for your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face: