Temperature announcement

Hi good mAirlist fellows!
Is this possible:
With a digital thermometer I can measure temperature, and I want that to be announced in the radio. Lets say it is minus 1 C-degrees, mAirlist should play the file “minus1C.wav” syaing
“Thist is Umlando Radio and outside it’s about minus 1, so please be careful in the trafic”
mAirlist should play the proper filer - dependent on the temperature…
Is that possible?
(mAirlist 6)
Best regards

Do you expect mAirList to measure temperatures and humidities?

He would like mAirlist to read the temperature from a sensor, on a communication interface or from a weather service on the internet and play a file based on the measured temperature.

No way. Get an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi providing an audiofile for each respective temperature.

Ok, thanks.
Maybe an idea for the future.

Just another thought about that: If your online weather service did provide an API to fetch the data in .xml format, you might be able to sort out picking related audio files and playing them. But that would require a decent amount of scripting.

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Tondose: Recently I switched from another Radio Automation System called StationPlaylist. This system has exactly this feature. That’s why I asked for that feature…!

Yeah, but temperature sensors … come on!