System error zip

would you add the missing files in the next version i cant open mairlist

in portable mode

mAirList.exe - Systeemfout

De code-uitvoering kan niet worden voortgezet omdat MSVCR120.dll niet is gevonden. U kunt dit probleem mogelijk oplossen door het programma opnieuw te installeren.


thank you

Try to install “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013” from Microsoft:

Important: Always use 32-bit (x86) version even when your Windows is 64-bit!

The mAirList 7 setup installer will download and install this for you automatically. But you have to do it manually when you use the Zip distribution.

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Dr. mAirList was faster! :grin:

I had the same effect on a fresh Windows 7 installation, the rather old-fashioned VS 2013 is not installed by default with blank installations of Win7 - and I think with new installations of Windows 10 with the current image (21H2) either.

Since I know the file and its affiliation, I was able to solve the problem myself immediately, but I generally blamed it on Visual Studio, I didn’t explicitly think of version 2013, but simply installed all available versions.

To clarify, mAirList is not written in Visual Studio, and does not require the VS runtimes itself.

We do however use a couple of 3rd party libraries that depend on the runtimes, e.g. ebur128.dll (the loudness analyzer). This can lead to confusing error messages, as sometimes Windows complains: “Cannot load ebur128.dll, file not found” - while in fact the DLL is found, but not their dependencies.

Happy to see that Windows finally gives some more meaningful messages.

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