Switching layouts

I’m using V6.3 build 4499. Is it possible to simply switch layouts, please? I’m thinking of a different layout for normal recording/streaming and voice tracking, whilst retaining all the other settings and database.

Hi Al,

do you want to change it within a session or do you prefer different mAirList sessions for the different productions?

Hi Uli
Thanks for a quick reply. I would use different sessions.

I think the Multi Instance Manager could be helpful.
You can use it with only one instance too. Only the config files will be different; in your case the layout.ini. :wink:

I’ve looked at the tutorial, but it talks of creating a different rootfolder, so wouldn’t that give you different databases etc. Maybe there is a simple (like me) command line switch?

No, the database can remain the same (by the way, there is no need to install he database in the config folder - it can be stored in any folder on your HDD).

The Multi Instance Manager is a kind of GUI of a mAirList start command line. :sunglasses:

Thanks, I’ll look in to that. :grinning:

I’ve followed the MultiInstance manager and have it working. :grinning:
I found when setting up the first instance, I used the default config template. It did not copy (there maybe others) the skin.ini file. My solution was to overwrite the first instance config folder with the default one; and that solves the issue.
The window title and Icon instructions don’t seem to work…but it’s not a big issue.
Edit. Names can be changed in MultiInstance manager

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I have been able to get this working well, thanks. However, I’ve been trying to replicate this on a 14inch laptop, and have found the VT GUI to be a bit on the big side. Is there any ini file I can edit for the VT GUI please (yes, I have looked)? Or should this be a feature request?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.
Sorry to have no better news for you.

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When u use the multi instance manager, why not create one instance for vt? you can create a complete new skin for that if you like. but indeed not for the database appllication.

For 2 radiostations wich broadcast from one location, I have created several skins for several studio’s
Studio 1 has a playout skin for the main radio station.
Studio 2 has a playout skin and a seperate voicetrack/ pre production skin for the main radiostation, but also a playout skin for the 2nd radiostation.

The 2nd radiostation isn’t live radio so no studio was neede. There is a seperate pc in the server room wich has a playout skin for this 2nd radio station.

Studio 2 normally shows the voicetrack/ pre production skin but we can switch to the playout skin for station 1 or 2.

you can do a lot using the multi instance manager (or the zipped installation option, wich also is possible if you don’t want the multi instance screen to switch.)

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Thanks RuVo80 for the information. Yes, I agree the multi instance manager is very versatile, and I have indeed created a VT option.