Switch Auto to Assist > Switch from encoder to manual

I use mAirList both via encoder (for non stop, streaming) and for manual (live assist). The audio config settings for both purposes are different. Everytime I go from Auto to Assist I’ve to change manually the player settings and stop mAirList.I am using a D&R Airlite external mixer for Live broadcasting.

I really would love a feature which provide if I change from Auto to Assist the settings automatically change with it.

I know several years ago I asked for this feature and Torben provided me with a background script. This script made my configuration unstable so I’m not using this anymore. I prefer not a script but a selectable option within mAirList.

Using mAirList version 6.1.13 Professional Studio.

The selectable option does, from a programmer’s point of view, exactly the same as a background script. And, if coded reasonably correct, there are no objections to be made against it.

My request was not about technology. My request to @Torben is to build this feature in a next version (if not already present in version 6.3.x), if possible. And if the switch can be imperceptible, that’s great.

I checked it out: the previous script (2017) I talked about was activated via the non-stop button on the Airlite mixer. That’s fantastic, but perhaps less useful for users without Airlite (or any other mixer). Moreover, it was not easy to install and unstable. Hence my preference for an
thoroughly tested option to be selected.