Sweepers & Shots


We’re just revamping our community radio station and have a new imaging package as part of it.

We’ve never had shots & sweepers previously so it’s not been an issue, but now we do…

My question is whether there’s anyway within mairlist of it using sweepers with songs that don’t have an intro… A rule system that says if the start next point is greater than the song intro, then start later?

I don’t want songs with no-intro clashing with sweepers where a start next point would normally be 6 seconds before the end of the sweeper…

How do you all get around this issue?

Many Thanks

That is a new feature, introduced in mAirlist Version 6.0, called “Padding”

I guess that is doing what you are looking for, eventhough, I did not use it yet. I should consider, looking into it.