Suppress redundant Event errors in System Log

I have created an Event, running every minute, and checking, if a playlist file named X:\Playlists\%Y_%M_%D\%h%m.mlp exists, and if so, loads it and starts an automation playback. When such playlist file does not exists, nothing should happen. It works very well for me, except the fact, that the System Log is full of error messages “Error executing action Load and play playlist (X:\Playlists\%Y_%M_%D\%h%m.mlp): System cannot find specified object.” in cases, when the playlist file intentionaly does not exist, despite I have checked “Disable Log” in the Event Editor. Is there any way how to disable these redundant error messages (except of filtering out all error messages, which I do not want)? Or is there better way how to set up my Event to accomplish what I intend?
Thank you very much.