I use Mairlist by using additional sound cards like most people do.

I use USB Soundcards to do this.

The problem i get is when i hit play the first beat stutters. basically the audio starts for a split second and then starts again.

Any ideas??


Interestingly, a similar issue has just been reported in the German forums yesterday. But it seems not at all related to the latest versions, but rather happens in older versions as well.

Here are two things to try:

  1. Tweak the BASS.DLL buffer (make it larger) and/or update period (make it smaller) settings in the config.

  2. If you use multiple speaker outputs on the same sound card, make sure that you have set a specific speaker pair for each player. Do not use the “default speakers” setting, but always choose “1/2” instead.


I still get it from time to time, more so with tracks that I’ve re-cued to start further into the audio - say a big intro to match the end of a jingle. I seemed to lessen the effect by reverting to the older BASS DLL - the buffer settings do not seem to make much difference, but I’ll keep trying.

PC is 2.66 Celeron, 1GB RAM, XP SP2 and soundcard is M-Audio Delta PCI card, 4 stereo outputs. I really do not want to have to install the ghastly Media Player onto a PC that has little on it - it’s a clean PC for a reason!

I’ve the same but only with tracks who start at maximum volume. It has something to do with the auto Cue function. Maybe auto Cue needs more ‘material’ to find his target.

I edited the track and put-in a second silence to the beginning of the track so the auto Cue has more ‘material’ to search the Que point. This solved the problem with the Jingles for us.

It only happens when mAirList is not in automation mode. Or when starting a sequense in auto mode.

(sorry for the bad English :wink:

Vincent Volmer

Yes, you are right.

didnt really notice until you said that.

it does seem that it is only when a track that starts loud stutters

and also i have the problem as well with the assist mode, not with the auto mode.

thanks torben. will try out the speaker assignment and let you know how i get on

will try out the speaker assignment and let you know how i get on

I’ll have to try that too