Studio PC connecting to server pc


We do have 2 studio pc’s we wanted to connect the studiopc with mairlist to the server pc what is connecting the stream to the internet. How do i set this up. I know there is a way to connect to a intergradet streaming server. All pc’s are now in an local network is my studio pc playout system is my studio server pc playout to connect the stream to the internet.

Must i download the shoutcast dna for it to make this happen?


Hi Goos, is it possible to take the output direct from the studio PC (rather than a stream) and go through the line input of the encoder PC?

This PC then using either the encoder in mAirList or Edcast (or similar).

Yes it is. But i was wondering if there was another way possible also. I will rebuild my home studio in the couple of weeks a head. So any kind of idea’ s are welcome.