Studio clock software

Hello all,

any suggestions on a good studio clock (software)?
Can/may include metering.
We have been looking around and there is lot’s to choose from but not all are working on win10.

Have a great day!
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What’s wrong with mAirlist’s built-in one? :smiley:

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Nothing but it is for an external monitor.

Try this one:wink:

I’ll give it a try thanks.

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Charlie davy has build a nice piece of software

U can adjust lots of settings. Also 4 adjustable triggered lights.

Charlie Davys Studio Screen Is Amazing, I Have However Encountered 2 Problems With It.
1, How Do I Movw The Studio Screen To The Second Screen, &
2, Every 2 Weeks It Resets To Default & I Have To Re Enter All The Previous Locale & News RSS Details. Any Suggestions?

Kind Regards

Ok Problem 1 Solved HAHA, I Over Looked IT In The Config.

Problem 2 I Will Monitor Over The Next Few Weeks And Update On My Progress.

Thanks Everyone

It would seem i have a bigger problem than i originally thought.

I love Charlie Davys Studio Screen But Alas After A Few Seconds Of It Starting, It Simply Turns Off Completely Having Not Saved ANY of the input settings (after clicking save) infact it barely give me enough time to get into settings before it acts like Demoware and shuts off completely.

Anyone have any ideas why this could be happening?

I Understand @Charlie_Davy No Longer Offers Support For Products, But Even just the slightest little bit Of Help Here Would Be Appreciated. No Other Studio Clocks Have Come Close To How Good This One is, so i am hoping it can be solved.

Ive already tried a full uninstall and reinstall, ive also tried in compatibility mode. I get no warning or error messages. It simply just closed after being open for just a few seconds. And doesn’t save anything when i do get far enough to save.