Hi there,

Last weekend we were doing an outside broadcast and as a student radio station we don’t have a ton of money so were doing it all on a budget. To get to the main stream we connected mairlist to a second stream on our own streaming server this normally works for us. however when ever the stream cut out and then reconnected the sound would stop even if mairlist could tell that the stream was running. It could be a bug or it could be just us doing something wrong.

When the connection drops in the middle of the stream playback, mAirList will try to reconnect and play silence in the meantime. There should be a message about that in the system log.

You can go to the Attributes tab of the stream properties and set the special attribute $TIMEOUT to e.g. “10”, this will make mAirList give up after 10 seconds.

What does this do?

And what are the other attributes that can be assigned to files…