Streammonitor - timeslots for dj's


For incoming streams (remote dj’s) I’m using the streammonitor. This works fine.
But I don’t want mAirlist to kick the stream outside the timeslot of the DJ.
If the DJ accidentally opens the stream on a totally different time then I don’t want the stream to kick in.
For example: The DJ starts his program at 15.00h. Then I want the DJ to be able to kick the stream from 14.55u and not earlier.

Is this possible and what is the best way to configure this?
I’m using mAirlist 6.3.3

Thanks in advance!


Jorre Vink

Hi Jorre,

welcome to the mAirList community. :slightly_smiling_face:

How would you like to realise it? Each dj has a different mountpoint?
mAirList itself cannot distinguish between the different DJs coming over one monitored stream.

On the other hand, programming 20 mountpoints for 20 djs in the stream monitor will use a lot of ressources.
We fantasize about some kind of schedule, but Torben’s first reaction was, “Sorry, not possible”.

I gotta feeling :upside_down_face:, it’s not his last word on this idea.

Hello Uli,

The DJ’s are all using the same mountpoint to kick the stream.
They are not scheduled directly after each other.
I can understand that mAirlist can not distinguish the difference between the DJ’s using the same mountpoint, but that’s something we have to discuss internally.

It would be nice that, for the same mountpoint, it is possible to set different timeblocks where the DJ is allowed to kick the stream.
Outside these blocks the DJ can use the mountpoint, but mAirlist will not rebroadcast the stream.

One other thing that comes in mind: Is there an option for the streammonitor to kick the stream when there is a certain level of audio playing and not when it is a silent stream?
For example:

  • The DJ starts the stream without audio. Nothing happens in mAirlist yet.
  • The DJ starts any audiofile --> mAirlist kicks the stream
  • The DJ disconnects the stream --> mAirlist takes over again



You can do this relatively easy by enable or disable the Stream Monitor on certain times.
You need 2 scripts and 2 Control elements in the Database.
Whenever there is a live session planned, you schedule the start element with a hard fix time. It will enable the Stream Monitor and the Stream monitor will do it’s thing.

Same for ending the stream. You schedule the stop element initiating the stop script that disables the Stream Monitor. That will immediately restart the automation, same as if the DJ would have disconnected the stream.
The Scripts you need, you can find here:

This is the perfect solution. Thanks!