Stream Monitor


Im total lost right now (My situation is as follows)

[ul][li]Setting up encoder to stream at (hostname:9028) at client[/li]
[li]Setting up stream monitor at (hostname:9028) priority 1 at server[/li]
[li]Setting up when on air play stream (hostname:9028) at server[/li][/ul]

It still show up as offline…

I want it to take over the actual playout going on so my client can do hes show “when ever he likes to”.
How to fix this? I need it running this weekend.

Kind regards /

Actually the stream should display “available” as soon as the client is feeding the encoder, and then “on air”.

So make sure that the client is really connected. Then try to add the stream manually to the playlist or cartwall (using a “Stream (inifinite)” element from the Insert menu). Does it play then?

Also remember to set up the audio devices correctly: Normal player output should go to “Encoder”, stream monitor output to “Encoder (high priority)” - this assumes that this is a 24/7 unattended machine that plays directly into the encoder. If you are using soundcards (or even multiple soundcard outputs for the players), things are a bit more difficult.

I will try this as soon as im at a computer.