Stream monitor disconnect time

Hi i got a question about stream monitor and how to change “disconnect time”. As for me when i go online it happens instant on our server, but disconnect gives almost 30sec - minutes of silence before the playout start with music.

How to make this in about 1sec - half sec?
I hate “dead air time” there should always be sound!

mAirList is setting the stream to “disconnected” as soon as the server terminates the connection.

Maybe the server is keeping the connection alive for a while, waiting for a new source to connect? Is this Shoutcast or Icecast? I have heard of Shoutcast doing strange things like these. Icecast seems to be more suitable for the Stream Monitor.

Icecast is verry good for Stream Monitor yes! Even at 192kbs OGG the sound almost transfer at instant :slight_smile:

Shoutcast might be good for overall streaming to listners but as you said for Stream Monitor Icecast should me first choise :slight_smile: