Stream listners

I’m going to join an outher internet station. The stream to a server and the server streams it to the listners. And I’m told that there is no possibility to view the listners in mairlist. In the past there where simular question’s and the answer was to ad another stream with the box tapped “do not stream only count listners” but this doesn’t work. Are there other things to look at to see the listners.


this topic does not directly affect mAirlist. Insofar as the admin of the server has configured it so that you cannot see any listeners, you have no option to display them. If the setting (Show listener) doesn’t work, it simply won’t work.

By now I am working for the radio station. Why don’t it affect mairlist?
Whit the old station I always saw the listners in mairlist.
Now I have a lce cast status link so I can see the listners but I don’t want several tabs open.

Maybe it’s working like this?

mAirList can’t retrieve an information that’s not available. :wink:

And why can i see the listners on a icecast status web page if its not availeble? the only problem is in mairlist when I take over the server and port I get a message Could not convert variant of type (unicodeString) into type (Double).

Tested it:

You will need a password, I’m afraid. Please don’t ask me for a reason.
Server specialists around, anyone? Or is it really a mAirList thing? :thinking:

I’ll ask Torben tomorrow.

conect but with a new error in mairlist: Error conneting to streaming server(adres) :cant open the file (BASS error 2)

stream count stays at 0

the station owner gaf me all the paswords to test it stil 0 listners he will also ask on the server guys this weak.