Stream in ACC+ Shoutcast


I did not find a clear answer to this so i hope it is ok that i do a new post.

Is there a way to stream in ACC+ to a Shoutcast server?
I see in the drop down there is a custom option with a command line, and i assume that is the way to go but i don’t know how it works exactly.

Do i just put the dll file ( im use this one in mairlist root folder and just and command in the command line.
How do i point to the acc encoder dll file??

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Joakim Richardson

We cannot support AAC+ natively due to legal difficulties (AAC patent, software license of encoder).

I’m aware that some people have managed to set up an AAC+ stream using the “custom” format in the mAirList encoder settings and some software they found on the Internet. But I cannot give any official information about that :wink:

:wink: ok no worries :slight_smile:

If you haven’t resolved this yet Richjoa, drop me a message, and I’ll help you out.

I’ve now written guides to solve this issue, and also to install an AAC Shoutcast server on Linux.