Stream and Logging

Hi Torben,

would it be possible to get the stream Metadata logged. That Metadata of a stream is displayed in the Player.
So what would be required is an otion to have it logged or not.
Then a template on how the received data is composed.
Like “Artist - Title” in order to decompose it to the “%a” and “%b” data

Furthermore, the stream Metadata decoder part is not synchronized with the Audio.
Shoutcast has a standard Buffer of 1 minute. So the new Title gets displayed in the Player 1 minute before the Title is heard.

What’s your opinion on that?


Shouldn’t be a big deal. (Although, right now, I don’t have the time to implement that, so let’s keep this idea for later.)

However, I don’t think that the buffer is 1 minute fixed. It depends on the settings of the player. (In mAirListConfig, they are on the last tab of the WDM Output config page.)


as long as you keep it in mind. ;D
It would be useful for future Projects I have in mind like using mAirList on the Transmitter location as Stream decoder.
With the reconnect option this would be pretty similar to the mpg123 decoder we currently have in use.
Also if logging off the stream would then be available we do not have to ftp the Metadata separately to the antenna location for the RDS coder.
We would get rid of at least one Server there as mpg123 runs on a Linux platform and the RDS interface on Windows.

As for the Shoutcast buffer. It is fixed to 1 minute by Nullsoft. No chance to change it. That’s why we use Icecast for our STL connection.
For our Internet stream we use a rented Shoutcast Server.
We confirmed this several times by comparing the 2 streams. Latency is always1 Minute.

So I’m not sure where the difference between player indication and audio output comes from. The Metadata is encoded within the stream and therefore it should be sync’ed with the stream frames.
there must be some buffer in mAirList Player that causes this.
On the WDM Output, I see a buffer of 500ms so that should not influence it.

Any idea?


I just checked your decoding with other decoders of our stream (VLC, Winamp, Soundbridge,…)
They all pay more ore less synchronized regarding Audio.

However, Title info is on Top of the start of the Title except for the mAirList decoder.
Hmm, looks like these decoders check what kind of Server is behind? Or they have another method of reading the Streambuffer…
Is there any white paper from Nullsoft available? I doubt :stuck_out_tongue:



Coming back to this. Is the feature live yet? :slight_smile:

Bye, Bart