Strange issue comport script

Strange thing happening here, it sends both strings at once to the comport.
Any thoughts?

if (PlayerIndex = 1) then begin if NewState = psPlaying then ComPort('COM1').SendStr('Playing CART1'); if NewState = psStopped then ComPort('COM1').SendStr('Stopped CART1'); end;

Nevermind, i have fixed it by wraping the if statements before the “then begin”

Working fine now :slight_smile:

Just another question…

Is it possible to “Reload” the startupscripts without the need to restart mAirList?
Saves time whilst debuging the scripts :slight_smile:



You mean a script that is registered as “Action on startup”? Just run it manually from the Open menu.

Background scripts be be reloaded on runtime from mAirList Control Panel - just uncheck the box next to the script name, then check it again.