Storage redirection.

Hi people,

I have a question.

I run mairlist 5 Home edition in my home studio and load my files from a nas in my network that I’ve given the letter Z:/ in My Computer.
Like Torben said, i’ve installed mairlist on a usb-stick and I use an usb-dongle.

When I tried it at my laptop, who has also a Z:/ onit. Everything did go right.

Now I’m trying outside my network because I want to use my laptopas a mobile studio. SO in configuration a redirect my “Z:/” alias “NAS home” to my extern HDD with the name “H:/Muziek”.
But that doesn’t work.
And evertime I look back in COnfiguration. The link disappeared from the tab (Storage Redirectiion).

Who can help me?

Hm, can’t see any problem here… Can you please look into the database.ini file if the redirections are stored correctly when you save the config?

Hmmm… where can I find that file? I have only a database.mldb on the usb-drive.

In the config folder. (If unsure, see mAirListConfig -> Advanced -> Data Folders.)

Hi Torben,

This is my config.ini

[Database0] Type=mAirListDBLite Enabled=on DatabaseID=A64265A29D2641544DBC4A25DC31C6A9 Station=1 ManagementLogin=off DBServerLogin=off DatabaseButtonInPlayoutWindow=on UseExternalIDs=off DisableInternalLogging=off ImportVoiceTracks=on ImportVoiceTracksPlayout=off Filename=D:\database.mldb

Fixed in the latest v4.4/v5.0 snapshots.

You’re my hero Torben :slight_smile: