Stop Markers ... and Command Markers

In additional to Stop Markers in playlists, perhaps the ability to enter any standard play/stop/auto command into the playlist would be preferable. We have the situation where we’d like to split advert+jingles, and if mAirList can do this from the main studio, and when one of the splits is finished (as they’re all in sync), it sends a play command (from the playlist) back to the main studio machine…

That would be pretty cool :wink:

Hi Charlie, have you tried to do this in zaradio by using the tone command to connect/dis-connect?

Actually, I haven’t - Doesn’t Zara use DTMF ? We want to avoid that, but are quite happy with low-freq tones as they pass through the audio chain with little trouble (although the compressors seem to catch it sometimes).

I’ve actually just wrote a simple util to control mAirList (instantly) via IP - but our distribution is via the 'net, so is subject to a SHOUTcast delay - that’s why we’re using audio tones.

The other thing with Zara is the overlap seems to have a bug where if a piece of audio starts quiet (ie: hits the overlap threshold), it’ll start the next item - and there’s NO way I’m using the ~ filename format :wink: