There is a new version off stereotool (9)
On the stereotool forum I asked where I could download it.
The answer from Hans that you normally download it from mairlist. So when can we download version 9?

You are talking about the “Generic” version of ST, I suppose.

Please read here:

The direct download link should be:

I haven’t tested the latest version though. Some versions of the “Generic” DLL are know to be a bit instable. Unfortunately Hans hasn’t included version info in the DLL yet (it’s a running gag every time we meet on NAB or IBC), so it’s hard to tell which version are affected.

I noticed that that there is no version info but when I last weak download after the announcement of version 9.
I noticed the the version on site was still the old version (by the looks ;))

This download link is all I have :frowning: