Station Playlist Creator / mAirlist - V.T. Question.

Hi there,

Is anyone on here using a combination of mAirlist and Station Playlist Creator for voice tracking?

If so, I was wondering if you could help me.

I’m trying to set up voice tracking through SPL-Creator, but my problem is that mAirlist isn’t recognising the VT files in the playlists.

Anyone else come across a similar issue?

Hi Shane, welcome to the mAirList forums.

I think the VT files recorded in the Station Playlist Creator playlist editor are only for use in Station Playlist Studio. When you record a vt and save, the playlist updates in Studio, enabling you to vt either a few minutes or hours before the link is needed

However you may be able to schedule voice track markers as a reference point where to insert a recording using Creator. Later recording the link in the forthcoming mAirList VT module.

Hi Tony

Cheers for that…

I’ve tried this previously, basically setting the markers, recording the links in Adobe Audition, naming them according to the format defined by SPL but unfortunately mAirlist doesn’t seem to pull them in to the playlist for some reason.

Its something thats baffled me for a while.

Doesn’t SPL generate plain M3U files? And if so, what does a voice track make different from a music track in that file?

The marker is not the file itself - it’s most likely equivalent to a Dummy in mAirList.

Creator and Studio sync with each other when the vt recordings are made and save directly into the m3u file as Studio knows where to look for these.
editAs specified in Creator settingsedit

mAirList will read the markers but does not know where the recorded files are to be stored and cannot refresh the playlist.

Shane when you record the vt’s do you save the new playlist before using it either live or in automation?

I guess you will need to record and place the vt directly into the markers within mAirList and save the playlist again.

Unless Torben or another forum member (step up please Charlie) can suggest anything easier.

Kind Regards Tony

SPL does generate “plain” M3U files, however they’re not just a file per line. They use the #EXTINF at the head of a line that gives SPL extra data about category, music or spot or vt etc, timing, cue points, and automation commands. The line is “|” delimited. The next line then has the file path

#EXTINF:269.157,|Kate Bush|Wuthering Heights|Number 1s UK|0|00|0|0|-1|5043|1|0|18500|257300|4800 C:\Audio\70s\Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights.mp3 #EXTINF:189.967,|Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich|Wreck Of The Antoinette|60s|0|00|0|0|-1|5043|1|100|18400|185200|400 C:\Audio\60s\Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - Wreck Of The Antoinette.mp3

You can actually work out what each part of the extra data line is by looking at the SPC setup (Somewhere, I’ve forgotten though) there will be a setting that will say %c,%S etc. The help files (for Creator I think) breaks down exactly what each one does. You can create custom lines etc.

So theoretically you either need to do some Scripting magic to parse that line.

Hope that makes sense.

Cheers, Richard

Hi Shane, are you using the pro edition of Creator?

VT does not work in the standard edition.

Hi Tony

Yes, its the pro version… Since I posted, I have the situation resolved. Was something pretty simple to do with a check box that I hadn’t seen… Seems to work perfectly now, but if i come across any issues I’ll call upon your expertise again if thats ok?

Thanks guys!

Hi Shane, glad you solved the problem. btw:Which checkbox so I can try for ourselves.

Everyone here always glad to help, especially with mAirList.

If you have more questions in relation to Station Playlist, let’s respect Torben and take it off this forum (just send a PM for my contact details).

Kind Regards Tony

Hey Tony

I was unsure whether it was an issue with the config of my copy of mAirlist, or something I done incorrectly with Creator… Thankfully my engineer had forgotten to check the “enable VT Marking” box in Creator (pretty obvious I’d have thought!)

No disrespect to Torben, in fact I have nothing but respect for the guy for creating such a powerful piece of software that’s accessible to everyday folk like ourselves :wink:

That check mark would certainly have enabled things.

Kind Regards Tony