start using mairlist 5. Database issue

Hi all,

Im trying to rebuild my music database. But after 145K files importing (scanning) the database seems to hung.
I did wait for a long while but system gives error that it doesnt respond anymore.
I put all my music in 1 dir, and then subdirs with a, b, c, etc.
What to do to fix this? So i can use search DB ?
Now there is nothing added :-s


145k files?! If they’re all in the same folder, it can take a long time to load it, yes.

Nope not its put in one dir, and lots of subdirs. But it took more then 20 hours to index. Now its importing. It looks that at 147k files it hangs… does not show any activity but still goes on. After 2 hours the program reacts and goes on…
So it seems to be a systemhung… but it isnt!

tnx for replaying