Stable Release

Hi Torben, any news on the release of the next stable version of mAirList?

Hopefully once Version 3 is out we can look forward to mAirListdb.

With this in mind, is it time to close feature requests for version 2.1 and time permitting cure any outstanding issues?

Kind Regards Tony

Hi Tony,

here’s a short summary of the upcoming releases and what’s new in them:

  • mAirList 2.2 (stable): Current state minus some bugs. No added major features. Will be released very soon.

  • mAirList 3.0 (development): Massively cleaned up and updated internal architecture - mAirList will internally consist of “modules”, allowing me to prepare custom builds or extract parts of the source code for custom projects. Also some some new features requested lately, for example copy/paste in the playlist. Released shortly after mAirList 2.2.

  • mAirList 3.1 (stable): once mAirList 3.0 is considered bug-free. Before summer.

  • mAirList 4.0 (development) will then finally feature mAirListDB.


Hi Torben, thanks as always for being open about forthcoming releases and the continued development of mAirList.

Kind Regards Tony