Stable Release 3.1.5: Cue Out is not recognized as End

This issue began with the upgrade to stable release 3.1.5.

Before the upgrade, the player counted down to 0:00 at Fade Out and counted down a little more to Cue Out. Now, the player count downs to 0:00 and then actually begins to count up, sometimes counting up to 07:00 (seconds).
It appears that Cue Out is no longer recognized as the end of the track, perhaps?

Regards, Alec

I’m not aware of any change in v3.1.5 that might be causing this. The only change related to the playout/audio system was the ability/necessity to enter per-device buffer sizes and sample rates. There was a bug in one of the snapshots that caused these settings to be mixed up a little, so you better check the buffer size and sample rates settings of the individual WDM and ASIO sound cards.

When you say that the player continues to play for another 7 seconds, do you mean that it always plays up to EOF, or that it stops at some random point after Cue Out?

Generally, there can be a small delay before the player actually stops after Cue Out. This is because of the asynchronous processing of the “I have reached Cue Out” message.


Thanks, I’ll have a look at those settings. I’ll also investigate other settings to verify that nothing has been changed.

The count down was to EOF and then it starts count up to about 7 secs or another time depending on the specific file. Before the upgrade, it would count down to EOF and then continue count down to negative numbers a little and stop at Cue Out. It would never count up.

Regards, Alec

The minus sign is never displayed for negative numbers, so it might as well be minus seven seconds you’re seeing.

AAAhhh. I’m sitting here red-faced because I posted the wrong info :-[

Sorry… Okay, here we go: prior to the upgrade, the count down overlay would count down to zero and the next item would start (Fade Out). The count down on the player would then continue for a few more seconds, counting down to 0:00. The item would end at 0:00 and the next file would enter the player and cue. But now, the file no longer ends at 0:00; instead, it begins counting up, from 0:00 to around 7:00 seconds. It’s as if the player no longer recognizes Cue Out or begins the 3000 fade I have set.

Again, I’ll check all my settings once I’m in front of the machine.

And sorry to have wasted your time with inaccurate information. I need some sleep (or at least blame my errors on lack of sleep) ;D

Regards, Alec

Right, so you mean that in AUTO mode, the Player time display (in Remaining Time mode) now hits zero at the Fade Out cue point marker, then counts UPWARDS from there?

Yes, I can confirm that this is true. On my PC here, it does the same on build 901. To be honest, I hadn’t noticed the change.



Basically, yes. I think mine reaches zero at the Cue Out marker and then, yes, begins counting upward.

Regards, Alec

Okay, I’ve checked various settings and they seem to be the same as those before the upgrade. Unfortunately, the problem continues. As I mentioned, it’s as if mAirList is no longer recognizing the Cue-Out marker.

Torben, you mentioned for me to check the WDM buffer size and sample rate settings. Are these the settings in the mAirList Config Utility, yes? If so, I’ll have a look as well.

Thank you…

Best Regards, Alec

Yes, Alec: it’s all explained in section 5.13.2 of the Manual (now available: hooray!).


[quote=“Cad, post:9, topic:7209”][/quote]
[b]Yes, Alec: it’s all explained in section 5.13.2 of the Manual (now available: hooray!).


Hooray is right… Three Cheers for Cad :D!

Regards, Alec