spotify plugin

I was wondering will be there a spotify plugin availible in the future so we can drag and drop songs from spotify in the playlist

Goos Mante

You are not allowed to use Spotify content for broadcast, so Spotify would not allow such a plugin.

Thanks for letting me know


Omniplayer had the option to use Spotify in a Spotify player.
Have the rules changed?

No, the rules are still the same, but apparently Spotify doesn’t give a f*ck about about it.

That being said, there is a chance that mAirList will receive a Spotify plugin one day. Right now, the problem is that Spotify has discontinued their old desktop SDK (libspotify), and even though they promised to release a new library during 2016, they haven’t done so yet.

So right now, it is technically impossible to create such a plugin.

I hope they update their SDK soon then.

Hi !

Has there been new since? is it possible with deezer?

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