Soundprocessing on headphones not onair


Still testing this software with my D&R Airlite mixer console. Question: Is it possible to set vst plugin Stereotool only on the headphones output, and not on the master output?
I want to prelisten the liveshow with sound processing over players and cartwalls, but not on the On-air signal wich is ditributed to our radio station. There we have another sound processing.


Hey Friso,

during a liveshow it’s not possible. The Stereotool plugin is part of the encoder, when you install it.
There is no pre-listening way back to your mixer without sending the signal to the server.
By the way, the latency would be horrible, don’t you think so?

There is another way testing the effect of DSP plugins:

  • Create a playlist,
  • start a mixdown of it,
  • activate soundprocessing on the mixdown,
  • listen to the effects in the mixdown.



I think you don’t know exactly how i want to work.
I use the master output from my Airlite (chich) to the input of an Deva DB90-TX therefrom it goes with low latancy to our station. That input should be clean without processing. The headphone output of my mixer should have a processed sound.

Hopefully my question is now clear. I don’t use the streamer in mairlist for this.


Sure, but you can’t set the Stereotool (or any other) plugin in the playout; this would have influence on the clean main output.

Since this plugin can only be implemented in the mAirList encoder, the routing would be:

Airlite USB Main Out > mAirList Encoder > loopback aka listen to your signal > back to Airlite on a separate input

… I’m not sure, but isn’t there an “Air” input via Cinch / RCA to the Airlite?
If this would work? :thinking:

Yes onair signal input is there. I will test some cases.


You can use the stand allone version of stereo tool. That has a low latensy output which You can feed to the ext input on the mixer. And there is soundprocessing on the headphone and speakers

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