Can anyone tell me the best sound cards to use for Mairlist.

What is that, „the best“ soundcard?

The internal usb soundcarts from d&r are certainly not the best you can get .

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I’m very happy with my Behringer U-Phoria UMC-1820. Works really well with mairlist.

In fact, this is an audio interface, not a sound card…

In my opinion it works better than a soundcard and the audio quality is very good. It also offers enough audio inputs to have 4 players (or a combination of players and cartwall) connected.

How do you verify this?

My opinion you can divide it in 3 classes 1 there comes sound from the soundcart you can even recognize what records are being played .
2 good quality evrything between 200 and 400 €
3 extremely good things as rme , Apolo .

But the link is as good as the weakest chain , when you own a behringer 2000 and you buy a rme off 1000 I think you can better first infest in a better mixer .