Soundcards for mairlist

Hello , i need on my computer few soundcards, for mairlist i need one for player A, another one for player B and also one card for player c.I need also one card for bdd, cue and voice tracks.
The problem i have a sound behind , how can i do ?
what is difference wiith direct sound and wasapi?
For users how do you do for using mairlist with souncards, i guess the best is ip but i can t do that.

Hello Berthy,

many users try it with multi-channel soundcards instead of “a few”.
Some of them follow the Dolby system:

  • 5.1 = 3 stereo channels

  • 7.1 = 4 stereo channels

… and some other more.
You can use internal soundcards or external ones, connected with USB to the PC. There is a list in german. Do you think I should translate and duplicate it in the english section?

I think you ask for using mAirList with a mixer?

Technical stuff. We recommend using WASAPI (it’s actual), since DirectSound sometimes causes trouble at the end of playbacks. It sounds like a single hiccup of the last second of the track, but I don’t know why.

Is it this one?

… or something different?

Yes i use Mairlist with a mixer, rami 2000s , a mixer for radioo.
Multichannel soundcards in usb? where can i get it? i have a focusrite 2i
I ve just change PC, before i had 3internal soundcards, but on this pc i can t add internal soundcards.

Yes, sure.
Well, the Scarlett 2i2 is a 2 in / 2 out interface (2 = 1 stereo).

There are external soundcards like 18i20 (Focusrite), UMC 1820 (Behringer), UR816C (Steinberg), US-16x08 (Tascam (please use ASIO, no WASAPI available)), Gigaport eX (ESI (only outputs, no input!)) or, to show you something different, the Aureon 7.1 USB (Terratec).

However, there might be many more, this is not the whole market… it depends on quality, seller, price etc.
Only to show you what is possible. These are interfaces with 8 channels = 4 stereo out (or more), because that was what you were lookíng for. You may find many others.

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