Sound files doesent start?

I have found a problem that is quite important to me that it runs smoothly.

When I create a playlist and played through the entire list for testing it and then click on “Recycle All”.
And after that to play through the list again.
Some audio files are working correctly, you start the player on the fadestart the sound file is loaded into the player and played.
BUT some just loaded up, and then stuck without playing.
It seems that the only sound files that are under 8 seconds.

Does anyone know why?

/ Kim

Exact version number and build?

Do you have File Management enabled in the config? If so, what is the RAM limit set to?


Version: 4.1.3 Build: 1487

Yes, it is enable. And it is set to “0”.

But, i only get the problem after i have click on “recycle all”.


First, can you try if it also happens with File Management turned off?

And if it’s reproducable with a particular short item, can you also reproduce it with a playlist that only contains that item?

Hello again!

I’ve now tested.

I turned off File Management and first played up the regular playlist.
It did not work.

Just for safety’s sake, I made a playlist with only short files.
And it did not work at all after I had been playing through the playlist once and then clicked on the “Recycle All”.

But I put the files in the playlist that was longer than 10 seconds after every third short file, so it worked 1 out of 10.

The op sounds a bit similar to the problem I have but it manifested itself with normal length songs and files as well as short jingles…

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue, but I have a slight idea of what could cause this issue.

I have just uploaded b1493 as a snapshot, can you please try that build?

Yes, it works now!

Good job! :smiley: :smiley:

What was wrong?

Speaking as a programmer, I’d also be interested to know what the bug was.

If it’s abstruse and highly technical, I’ll ‘translate’ for everyone else. ;D


The problem was related to the prebuffering of items. When you recycle an item which has already been played and is still opened/prebuffered (green checkmark), the existing file handle is reused, but the file was not rewinded to Cue In. (Sometimes BASS does it automatically when you stop a file, but sometimes the file is stuck at EOF, which seems to be the case for the shorter items in Kim’s scenario.)

My fix was to add the rewind operation when an oen file is reused like this; but the more I think about it, the best solution should be to close the files when the items go into “history” state.


I see why you decided to try to re-use files, but I think your final decision (close it completely) is the correct one.


I have reviewed the code meanwhile, and it turned out that the algorithm was already laid out in a way that used files are closed when they move to history, but there was a bug preventing the release.

Nicely done, as always.