Sound distortion

Hello i’m Luc

First my english is not so good so i’m apologize for that, but i will give it a try :slight_smile:
We want to try mAirlist as our new playout system.

Server I5 with 12 Gb ram memory.
Windows 7 64 Bit.
mAirlist 6.1 (trail)
Marian Trace 8 Souncard.

After a couple of hours (8) sound become distorted.
I couldn’t upload the mp3 i’ve recorded as example, so i put the sample file here:
Distorted sound


Modus: Shared
Sample rate: 44.100
Channels: 2
Buffersize: 250 (Increased to avoid thist problem without succes)
update Period: 0
Eventdriven Buffering: On (also to avoid this problem helps a bit the problem occured a couple of hours later)

So i’m a bit hopeless about this issue.
I’m realy exited about mAirlist and i want to give it a real change.

Hopefully is there anybody who can help me out on this one.
Thanks anyway



Hi Luc,

welcome in the mAirList community. First of all a little propaganda: Thousands of mAirList installations around the world are running flawlessly in 24/7 surroundings – so I am optimistic your problem can be solved.

First Aid is always to install the latest software version, at the time being, V6.2.6 is around, so you might give it a try, please. Please make sure you’re running WASAPI drivers, as these have emerged to be the most stable setup. (Which you are doing, only to have mentioned this point.) Never mix up different kinds of drivers in a single setup.

Then, please play out – while the sound is distorted – some files via VLC and/or WMP and watch listen to their quality, so we see if this is a mAirList specific problem or lying elsewhere in your system.

Please be a little patient for a mAirList employee to turn up, as there is a reduced support around the holidays.

Christmasy regards


Hi Tondose,

Thanks for you’re anwher.
I don’t write it before but when the sound is distorted and i restart just mAirlist, it’s fine for another 8 hours.
Hopefully we can work out this problem.
It’s a fresh installation of Windows 7 64bit totally clean.
The drivers for the marian trace 8 come straight from the Marian website:
so i asume i have the latest drivers and there’s no mixed up drivers posible.

The only other drivers i installed are keyboard, mouse and a gamepad driver for the Start Function.

sorry for my lack of knowledge :slight_smile: but how can i change the play out to VLC or WMP. The only options i have is DirectSound, Wasapi (witch i have selected) and Asio.

I will be patience, i was totally happy with you’re, unexpected :), reply.

Again thanks for your help so far.

Christmasy regards


First of all, please check if all your audio devices in the mAirList Configuration are set to WASAPI.
We recommend NOT to mix up Direct Sound, WASAPI and / or ASIO. All devices should use the same audio settings.

Something is irritating me, although it won’t solve the problem (from my point of view):

  • When you use a trial, why is it version 6.1?
    Latest v6.1 was released in September 2019; mairList v6.2 was available at this time.

Is there a specific reason?
When you downloaded mAirList in the last 30 days, our download page should have routed you to version 6.2. :thinking:

Thank you for your co-operation.

Well, you can’t. What I meant is simply opening one of these applications and play out some audio, preferrably the very files you have been playing in mAirList before.

Compared regards


Hi Uninobbe,

All my audio devices in the mAirlist configuration are set to Wasapi, so i don’t mix up anything there.
I downloaded this version a while ago and didn’t do anything with it till know.

It’s for a local radio station and we had troubles with our audiomixer so we start over with a refurbised audiomixer and there fore i wil give mAirlist a real change. Our existing playout system is not getting much updates lately so i think there’s no developing goin on.

Hopefully this give you the answhere’s you wanted.

So no specific reasons for choosing mArlist 6.1, but that one is running now (on the background) and i found out the problems as i described and i can’t believe this is a mAirlist version issue?



You should give it a try - however, I don’t know if this is possible within the 30 days of mAirList demo.


Other Changes


  • bass.dll updated to 2.4.14

The files are perfect mp3 320 kbps, if i restart mairlist the distorted audio file become at top of the playlist and than it will playout perfect.

The problem occur slightly wit a little crack now and then en become to distorted as in the example in let’s say 10 played files. (Songs)


I have no doubt that your files are perfectly in order, but you haven’t answered my question yet. Motive is locating and isolating the problem.

Anyway, I’m off now for family commitments

Appetising regards


I hope so, other wise i get a difficult challange to make the people on the station warm to choose for mAirlist.

… or contact support. :wink:

The problem occured again this evening so i did what you asked, if i understood it well.
I set the Marian Play 3/4 to standard Play out in Windows and play a song in Windows media player while mAirlist was still open.
The problem stays the same untill i shutdown mAirlist while windows media player was playing the song, immediately after i shut down mAirlist the music was playing perfect with the same song still playing.

So hopefully this make any sense to you, i’m realy out of ideas.

thanks for you’re help.



This does not make sense to me yet, but this is an interesting clue. Thank you.

Forensic regards


My experience with Marian drivers are somewhat… mixed :wink:

What does this “distortion” sound like? Dropouts? If yes, it’s a buffer underrun, which means that the sound card does not receive/request enough sample data in time. If it only happens after some hours, it can e.g. be related to Windows power settings, or badly timed SRC.

Sample rates are the same all over, also in the Marian mixer/sync settings?

Hi Torben first of all thanks for you’re reply.

Here the link to how it sounds like :relaxed:

Yesterday i walk through the setup from the Marian Trace 8 and changed a few things:
I changed the Clock Source from automaticly to Internal.
and i also changed the World Clock Input Signal from times 2 to times 4.

The samle rates are the same all over, i checked that first ofcourse

And for now it doesn’t happend from yesterday afternoon, So fingers crossed :grinning:

Hopefully this was the solution for this problem.



unfortunately this was not the solution for my problem, the distortion happens sometimes after 4 hours other times after 16 hours but it isn’t stable yet.

I’ve tried proberly all the settings available in the Marian settings but this won’t solve the distortion.
I take a close look at my Windows energy settings, set it to default and turn screen time out to never and the same to the harddisk.

hopefully anyone can help me further i’m running out of ideas.

Kind regards,

Luc Gomes