Sonifex HDX2000 Keyboard

Anyone know about these keyboards? We have one at the hospital radio from the old playout system, the connector on it os the old style keyboard plug from many years ago however it looks like it has a serial port too. Does amybody know if this would work with mAirList?

I’d suggest you contact Sonifex direct and ask them if they can send you any info. about the keyboard and/or its connector spec.

In general, I find manufacturers (esp. UK ones) to be extremely helpful when it comes to queries about their ‘old’ kit.

You can phone them on 01933 650700 or e-mail with your enquiry.

PS: Is that you asking a similar question on the Canford forum BTW?


Yeah, It looks as if I am going to have to email them as their website doesnt say anything about their discontinued products and it would be a pity to waste the keyboard if we can manage to use it.

Just read about the product on their website, it can store a whole 36 hours of stereo lol wooo thats goin back a few years.

Nope I havent posted anything about this on any other forum, I am desparate to get hold of a cheap keyboard thats customisable to fire things off though as I dont want to have to keep trying to look and check my cursor is in the right place (im a bit lazy lol).

Read my other thread for such ideas as to obtaining cheap/decent playout keyboards:

Sonifex are generally very good with service/obsolete tech info - I’ve had to call on them over the years for NAB Cart schematics and Discart machine info :wink: