Song not recognised by Database

I am using 4.3 (Build 1838) I have been trying to upload a song to the mAirList DB and its not recognising the song
it plays fine in iTunes

When it synchronise storage the filename has a “?” within the file name
LIONEL RICHIE? - All Night Long (All Night).mp3

when I hit play in cue editor I get this pop up
Cant open file “G:\Music\L\LIONEL RICHIE? - All Night Long (All Night).mp3”.
The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

I have ripped the track a few times but still nothing

How does the filename look in Windows Explorer? Does the file name contain an unusual character between ‘RICHIE’ and the space before the hyphen? Try renaming the file to make sure there is a space there and not anything else.

A file name cannot contain a ? character, so that must be mAirList’s way of showing you there is a weird character at that position in the file’s name on disk.


I have also renamed the file name and still not recognised

What’s the name of the file now?

(off topic) Cad, you if read this, can you please send an email to with your new e-mail address, your old one doesn’t seem to work anymore, and I need to ask you something.

the file was ripped to mp3 I have re-ripped it and its ok now I have no idea what was wrong the first time