Song End Detection

One thing that’d make this software THE best playout software out there for me, would be the ability to detect the end of songs automatically. Perhaps this should only be enabled for tracks that HAVENT been tagged for mAirList - but those that dont have the tags, and are over x seconds long, should have fade-to-next enabled if it hits less than xDB in the last x seconds of the song?

Any follow-ups to this…?

In the German section somewhere, there is a thread where Torben posted an MLS script to run (I think) 5 seconds before the end of each track. I think that’d run as a Notification Script.

You can still use the Raduga Batch Overlap Processor. This apparently is no longer supported, but I know that Bill Spry (the US dist of Raduga) sells licence keys, as that’s where mine came from in 2004. In the Misc settings of mAirList’ Config, you can enable “~ markers as FadeOut”.

I think this request can be marked as “done” now, huh? :wink: